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"Gallopinto" is the staple dish of Nicaragua, a humble mix of white rice and red kidney beans. Art of Solidarity group show curated by Maria Aldana, on view Sep 5 thru Sep 28 at the Amalie Rothschild Gallery of Creative Alliance, includes North Americans (rice) and Nicaraguans (beans) celebrating 5 years of socially conscious collaborations in established artist communities in Estelí and Limay that uplift traditional art forms and support emerging digital media.

2013 was a breakthrough for Art of Solidarity; it was the first time we hosted Nicaraguan filmmakers, Jonys Diaz and Eddy Avendaño, of Vimau Producciones in the USA.

Their residency at Creative Alliance produced a new documentary short, De Donde Sean (No Matter Where You’re From), telling the stories of Baltimore’s undocumented community and their fight for immigration reform. To purchase this film, email .