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"Gallopinto" is the staple dish of Nicaragua, a humble mix of white rice and red kidney beans. Art of Solidarity group show curated by Maria Aldana, on view Sep 5 thru Sep 28 at The Creative Alliance, includes North Americans (rice) and Nicaraguans (beans) celebrating 5 years of socially conscious collaborations in established artist communities in Estelí and Limay that uplift traditional art forms and support emerging digital media.

For the first time, Art of Solidarity hosted Nicaraguan filmmakers, Jonys Diaz and Eddy Avendaño, of Vimau Producciones in the USA in summer 2013. Their residency at Creative Alliance produced a new documentary short, De Donde Sean (No Matter Where You’re From), telling the stories of Baltimore’s undocumented community and their fight for immigration reform.