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Towards Peace and Justice


Over the past 2 months thousands of Nicaraguans from all over the country have taken to the streets to voice their concern and opposition to several policies of the Ortega/Murillo government.

Pension Reform
A government policy that would drastically increase the social security tax while reducing public pensions for Nicaraguans.

The Nicaraguan Grand Canal Project
This “development” project has been used by the government to take land from families & communities across the country though it has been proved to be an economically and environmentally unviable and dangerous.

Indio Mais Fire
A massive forest fire caused by government backed settlers engulfed acres of indigenous land known as the Indio Mais Reserve. The government refused to respond and intentionally let it burn with the goal of reappropriating the territory from its Rama inhabitants.

For over a decade now, the regime of Daniel Ortega and his vice-president/wife Rosario Murillo have been criticized for improper usage of public funds, cutting deals with known criminals and subverted the constitution to remain in power.

These peaceful protests have be met with repressive state violence carried out by the military, police, Sandinistas youth, and hired mercenaries. As of June 6, there are 127 dead and 1,000 injured, and over 400 detained or disappeared - including students, human rights workers, and journalists. State-run hospitals have refused to treat victims affiliated with the protest movements. Non-state media such as television stations & radio stations have been raided, taken off air and even burnt to the ground.

In spite of the protesters demands, the government has refused to end the repressive violence and engage in a meaningful national dialogue. The resulting public outrage has turned what began as peaceful protests into an armed national resistance to oust the Sandinista regime of Daniel Ortega and begin a true national dialogue.

As for now, the future is uncertain, but the Nicaraguan people are organizing to defend themselves, treat their wounded, and forge ahead on a path towards peace and justice.

We stand in solidarity with our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters seeking an end to state violence and the start of a peaceful national dialogue. We are offering our support by sharing their stories to the international media and raising funds for medical supplies. We do not support or condone any form of foreign state intervention. This is not what the Nicaraguan people are asking for and if we’ve learned anything from history, it is not what they need.

All funds raised will go to support media coverage in Nicaragua and medical supplies for treating the wounded.

Repost our images, videos and link on social media using the hashtag #SOSNicaragua