Art of Solidarity
Art of Solidarity was confounded by Nicaraguan-­American artist and educator Maria Gabriela Aldana and US­-based filmmaker Aleks Martray in 2007, producing community­ media documentaries in Nicaragua ever since. In partnership with the Maryland Institute College of Art, the program has produced over a dozen film, media and mural collaborations between North American and Nicaraguan artists and community groups. In 2014, AoS films partnered with Nicaraguan author and producer Alvaro Vergara to pursue a documentary project to give voice to the communities that would be most impacted by the canal project.

In August 2015, our Art of Solidarity film crew traveled the proposed inter-oceanic canal route, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, documenting the stories of the communities who would be directly impacted by the project. Our last stop was the Rama village of Bangkukuk and after a short 2 day visit it was clear that the community was facing the biggest existential threat of any we had visited. It was also evident that they were the most underrepresented voice in the struggle to maintain their land rights. We formed a partnership with the community to share their story with the national and international community in order to seek the necessary support and political pressure to help defend their land and way of life. See our 4min trailer here. See photographs here. Kick starter fundraising campaign runs thru May 24!

The feature length documentary film will give voice to the communities, organizations, and activists at the front lines of the struggle against the canal and raise international awareness and support for the movement.

AoS was developed out of a public high school arts classroom in Baltimore, as Bmore Cultured from 2004-2008.